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Offering free, custom auditions & quotes!

Working with Rachel

Working with me is a collaborative experience! I have many recurring clients and prefer to develop relationships for ongoing projects, if possible. That being said, some clients only need a voice once a year or so and that's great too!


To start, I'll ask for your direction on style and tone of the project, what it's being used for and the general audience. Then, I'll send a take or two to you for review and re-record, if necessary, to nail down the style you're looking for. My fees typically include two rounds of pickups but any script changes may require additional fees.

I'm also available for live-directed sessions via Source Connect Standard, Zoom, Teams, telephone or other ways. Live sessions can be recorded on your end (on your end, it's typically via Source Connect) or on my end and I can send you the raw file or edit it to your liking.

I can accomodate all kinds of post-production; by doing it completely on my end, so you receive ready-to-use audio or I can send you edited (unmastered) or raw files if post is being done on your end.

Since I work daily from my home studio, I am quick to respond and and typically offer turnaround times of 24-48 hours, depending on the project and my current workload.


I offer rates to fit a range of budgets and projects and I base them on a few rate guides, which are available online for your information: The Global Voice Acting Academy (GVAA) rate guide and the Gravy for the Brain rate guide. 

Rates are based on project type, length (total word count or finished minutes) and usage (where it will be used and for how long) so a custom quote really is necessary for each project.

Contact me for a free custom audition of your script and a quote for your project!


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